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Black Creek and Old Cutler Combination Bike Trail

Black Creek and Old Cutler Combination Bike Trail - 23066:

Comment by Ken for this route:

Starting location is 25°32'31.7"N 80°19'44.9"W (The address will bring you to the opposite side where the restaurant is). Ride your bike out to the end of the trail just south of the parking lot and spend a few minutes enjoying the bay. Then ride back up and up the Black Creek Trail. When it meets with Old Cutler Road, turn right onto Old Cutler Road and in less than a quarter of a mile you will see the Old Cutler Bike Trail on the right side of the road. While on the Old Cutler Bike Trail, the first detour I recommend is the Palmetto Bay Village Center. There's a body of water in the back of that where you're most likely to find some Salt Water Crocodiles that you can safely observe. Shortly after that, I recommend a detour into a public part of the Deering Estate where you cross the "Chinese Bridge" before reconnecting with the Old Cutler Trail. The trail detaches from Old Cutler Road when it curves east the second time while the trail continues north on SW 57 Ave, follow that north until you see a crosswalk where the trail crosses over to the east side of the road. Follow that until you see a bridge that crosses the canal. Cross there and turn left on a quiet neighborhood road which leads back out to Old Cutler Road. Continue on the Old Cutler Bike Trail from there until just after Fairchild Botanical Gardens you will see an opening in the wall that leads into Matheson Hammock's Park, turn into there but instead of coming out at the exit, follow the park road into the park until you reach the lagoon at the end for a scenic end to the trail. Spend a few minutes here to relax, then ride back the way you came back to your car at Black Point Park and Marina.

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