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Davie Park Hopping Bike Route

Davie Park Hopping Bike Route - 23067:

Comment by Ken for this route:

The route starts in Tree Tops Park. I recommend just exploring the entire park in any route you want, then exit the North side as shown. There is only one busy road crossing and that's when you cross over Nob Hill after Westridge Park to join up with the Lone Star Bike Trail. It's not well marked, but you'll see the sidewalk split, follow the paved route going off to the right. There is a horse path to the right of that and it isn't paved, so keep that in mind. At the end of the Lone Star Trail, cross Hiatus Road (which is very quiet at this section) to the paved trail on the other side which leads into Robbins Preserve via a back entrance. The map here stops tracking Robbins Trail when it starts going into the trees, but rest assured the paved trail continues into the trees and has a nice bridge crossing. After the bridge, the path declines as it heads towards SW 36 Court, but don't be tempted to ride down this incline at full speed as it gets sandy at the bottom and you will likely lose control of your bike if you're going too fast. Follow SW 36 Court out past Flamingo Gardens and then follow the sidewalk along Flamingo Road. Follow that South until you cross Orange Drive, from there you cross over Flamingo via the crosswalk (BE CAREFUL because a lot of idiot drivers don't realize the traffic light there is for the crosswalk and will blow right through it to stop at the intersection.) to join up with the Linear Park Trail that runs along the canal. Right after you pass a neighborhood called Grove Creek you'll notice a paved path that goes straight back into the neighborhoods. There should be a green sign in front of it with a picture of a person, bike, and horse on it. Carefully cross Orange Drive and jump onto that path. That path goes along a canal that surrounds the backyards of some really nice houses, and at the end of it will be Vista View Park. Head South on the path along Vista View Park to get to the Park Entrance and explore the park before heading back to your start. The top of Vista View Park has a lot of nests of borrowing owls. You'll notice small areas roped off to keep people from accidentally trampling their nests which are holes in the ground, thus their name. They are cute so I recommend you looking for some to observe from a comfortable distance. From here you can either retrace your path back or if you're in a hurry or want the shortest way, simply head South from Vista View Park to jump on the Linear Park Trail all the way back to Nob Hill Road where you will find Tree Tops Park where you parked your car.

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