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8 route(s) found!

The Fan Dance - 28737

Sport: Hiking
by Andrew: March 11, 2023
Location: The red phone box / Uk

Distance: 14.49 miles - 23.32 km

Description/comment by Andrew :
The full route. I know.

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OLAT - 28490

Sport: Hiking
by Jim: November 4, 2022
Location: Box / NL

Distance: 54.48 miles - 87.68 km

No description/comment from Jim

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Mailbox Peak (New Trail) - 21278

Sport: Hiking
by Brock Jones: May 7, 2018
Location: Mailbox Peak Trailhead / USA

Distance: 5.53 miles - 8.9 km

Description/comment by Brock Jones :
Multiple GPS tracks shows this trail to be about 5.5 miles each way, while most...

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Box Hill Hike - 16487

Sport: Hiking
by Pete J: March 8, 2015
Location: Box Hill and WestHumble Stn / UK

Distance: 9.90 miles - 15.93 km

No description/comment from Pete J

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Jo and polly - 8137

Sport: Cycling
by Jo
Location: Boxhill way / Uk

Distance: 6.17 miles - 9.93 km

No description/comment from Jo

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Box end cable lake - 8016

Sport: Swimming
by Andy hoddle
Location: Box end cable lake pontoon / Uk

Distance: 0.52 miles - 0.84 km

Description/comment by Andy hoddle :
Swim in cable lake at box end. 830m, but could be as short as 750m, tight to...

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Box end boat lake - 8015

Sport: Swimming
by Andy hoddle
Location: Box end boat lake pontoon / Uk

Distance: 0.86 miles - 1.38 km

Description/comment by Andy hoddle :
Swim around boat lake at box end. 3 laps is 3.8k or 2.6miles.

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My personal TOUR DE FRANCE STAGE 1 - 4400

Sport: Cycling
by Greg le fucking Monde
Location: BOXMOOR / UK

Distance: 24.96 miles - 40.17 km

No description/comment from Greg le fucking Monde

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8 route(s) found!

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