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Stephen wrote:
Hi Chris,

I added an option to show the coordinates of km or mile markers on the map, to see it you have to click on the marker. The coordinates are displayed in the info-bubble.



Chris wrote:

I am importing a GPX file for a marathon route. Is there any way that I can use sportrouteplanner to either save a GPX with mile markers, or at least give me an option to display the co-ordinates on the mile markers in the main map?

Kind regards

Stephen wrote:
Hi Reza,

Thanks for your message.
By default the topography calculation includes all the points of your route. But in case of many altitude variations or long distance, the result can be higher than in fact.
The "smoothing" allows you to choose to ignore the points which altitude difference is less than the chosen value (prevents small climbs and descents to be accumulated).
For short route the best value is 2m but for long route or route with hight elevation change, 10m is better.



Reza Haidari wrote:
As others have stated, that this is a great resource and I thank you for building it! However, I have a question about the smoothing that can be applied to the altitude/topography calculator. I've noticed that choosing different levels of smoothing will greatly impact the results. So, the question becomes what is the right amount of smoothing? I think your calculator defaults to <2m. Is that the suggested smoothing level? When I imported a gpx cycling route I had, the difference between applying no smoothing and <2m smoothing resulted in a 300 m difference in elevation gain! Your insight would be greatly appreciated.

Stephen wrote:
Hi John,

Thanks for your message :-)
The file size limit is 40M, there must be other thing wrong with your file. Can you send me by mail your GPX file, i will check it and try to find a solution -> contact@sportrouteplanner.com



John wrote:
This is an awesome resource, thank you. I've successfully uploaded a gpx file from a 10k race and everything worth great. When I tried to load a gpx file from a Marathon, I receive an error once the file is 100% loaded. Is there a file size limit? It seems that all my files larger that 1.8MB result in the same error. Thank you. Again, I really appreciate the effort to generate this awesome tool.

SkiNoU wrote:
Brilliant, works perfectly. Thanks!

Stephen wrote:
Hi SkiNoU,

Thanks for your message, i found the problem it's corrected now, you will get altitude and elevation profile.

I let you try...


SkiNoU wrote:
Hi there,

I've been using the site recently to plans some new hikes in Australia and the topography computation feature doesn't seem to be working anymore: not getting any altitude computed, nor elevation profile.

Let me know if you need more details.
Excellent website though, Thanks!

Aaron wrote:
Nice app, I use it for tracking my triathlon training. Thanks

Louis Ferreira wrote:
Hi guys,

great app!

1. The hover div which indicates distance and altitiude when creating a route is on the right of the cursor, it really gets in the way. Fix that to the top right or somewhere else, it does not have to be linked to the pointer position.
2. https://www.sportdistancecalculator.com.com/index.php?id=15421#map
Check the distance in the map is different to the distance shown in the elevation profile: 39.08 km vs. 35.4km in the elevation profile

Marie wrote:
Hi there, just wanted to thank you for this brilliant site! My friend and I went for a long bikeride today and were speculating how much distance we covered. I used your site, and it was fun tracking the route and very satisfying to know the answer! Many thanks.
Melbourne, Australia

Stephen wrote:

@Guillaume: Glad you found it, to edit or delete a route go on this page http://www.sportdistancecalculator.com/search.php

@Lori Hirst: I need more information to help you efficiently, which browser do you use (name and version) and what happened exactly.

@Mikael: it's now corrected, you can import GPX files and display your route on the main map ;-)



Guillaume wrote:
Ok I just figured out! :D

Guillaume wrote:
Hi, I saved a route with a mistake in it (I added a point ithout noticing). How do I edit it or delete it? Thanks! Great page btw!

Lori Hirst wrote:
There is no map showing!

Mikael wrote:
I tried exporting and then importing a route. It went fine until I clicked Display on the main map. Then the route disappeared and the was centered on New York. Not what I expected :-)

Dan wrote:
Very good website for runners! the right click on the map is awesome

Stephen wrote:
Hi Mitch,

The web server had crashed at the beginning of May, I had to replace it and few routes save between April 26 and May 3 were lost.
Your routes can actually be gone and I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused.

I took the necessary steps to ensure it does not happen again in the future

Thank you for your trust & loyalty.


Mitch wrote:
What happened to the routes that I created several weeks ago?

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