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Stephen wrote:
Hi Eduardo,

I have check the code for the left click and for delete last point function, I haven't see any problem.
Can you give me more information about the issue ? I need the name and the version of your navigator (and OS) to reproduce the problem and try to fix it.



Eduardo david wrote:
Just complementing the information, the delete last point button does not work also...

Eduardo david wrote:
I have already tried on several computers, but the left mouse click is not working properly when creating routes. An "error on page" is issued. Is there a fix available?

Stephen wrote:
Thanks for your message and suggestion Eduardo :-)

I added both the distance in miles and kilometers on the search results, as you want.

See you,


Eduardo David wrote:
Excellent site! Thank you veru much for your work. I am disseminating its use here in Brazil...
A suggestion:

When displaying the search results, why don't you show the distance information also on Kilometers, instead of only in Miles.

Diana Belden wrote:
I have added your link here:

As you know, linking benefits both of us by raising our search rankings and generating more traffic to both of our sites.

My link information is below:

Title : Sport News Scotland
URL : http://www.inthewinningzone.com
Des : Welcome to In The Winning Zone. A site dedicated to Scotland winning in sport

HTML code for the above information is :

<a href="http://www.inthewinningzone.com">Sport News Scotland</a> - Welcome to In The Winning Zone. A site dedicated to Scotland winning in sport

Stephen wrote:
Sorry, I can't add VO2 Max for cyclists for the moment because I don't know how calculate it.


Hello wrote:
Can you provide VO2 Max for cyclists please?

Stephen wrote:
OK Jesse.
Pleased to see you here :-)


Jesse wrote:
Disregard my last message that I was getting an error dialog box when trying to access the route I created. After sending the message, I was able to access the route.


Jesse wrote:
I created my first route this morning, but when I try to access it I am getting an error dialog box and the page cannot be accessed.
User Name: Jesse

Jesse Aldridge
Email: jessealdridge@att.net
(CyclingAddiction Blog)

Stephen wrote:

I am the webmaster of this website.
If you have any questions, suggestions or encounted a problem,please leave me a message.
I hope you find this website good and usefull.

Best regards


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